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Must Have Vendor List for Upcoming Bridal Event

The planning stage of matrimonial or nuptial celebrations could be stressful yet fun at the same time. A wedding will not be very possible without the assistance of different wedding vendors. But dealing with the vendors itself could become a problem if and only if you have no prior experience. Before dealing with this kind of issue, there is a tool that you need to have in your hand—a wedding vendor checklist.

A wedding vendor checklist will always be your captain in your journey towards a perfect wedding. You can stick it in front of your boudoir to ensure you will never forget it. Some brides also stick this list on their fridge to remind them of them regarding the vendors they should contact.

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The printed checklist includes the name, email, website, address and phone number of the provider. Here is the list of the vendors in no particular order:

Cake baker
Whether your needs is 3D or traditional type of cakes, your bakers will always cater your needs. Call ahead and schedule cake tasting. Your bakers will assist you choose which design is perfect for centerpiece. You can check out here hundreds of amazing wedding cakes designs:

To ensure that your flower is on season, you need to talk to a professional florist. Make sure you meet ahead to talk regarding the integration of flowers you prefer to the theme of the wedding.

Reception Venue
The wedding will not push through without the venue. It is where you are going to integrate your wedding décor following a certain theme. Whether you choose cathedral or chapel venue, this type of venue is apart from the reception service that you should be getting. Most brides choose to marry in small chapels if they only have small number of guests. Check out this extravagant wedding venue:

After the ceremonial activity, it is intrinsic that the guests will go hungry. Plan out your preferred cuisine to impress everyone on your wedding; you can go vegetarian, Asian, European and many other cuisines. Check out a delicious menu for your wedding catering:

Musician or DJ
A wedding without music is boring, lit up the stage with a performance from your live musician or with an energetic playlist from the wedding DJ.

In order to impress your invited guests, make sure that you hire a stationer to design your wedding invitation and other decorative papers you will need.

Your matrimonial ceremony will be moderated by religious, civil and professional wedding officiants. You can choose an officiant depending on your denomination.

Videographer or photographer
To capture all the wedding moments, don’t forget to tap the professional help of photographers and videographers in town. Check out this professional wedding photographer:

To make the bride feel like a queen, the bride should choose the perfect dress that follows well with the theme. You can ask for the assistance of professional designer or stylist to achieve full symmetry with the bride’s body.

Wedding planner
If you want to hands off on your wedding, getting the help of professional wedding planner will always save the day. In this way, you can avoid bridal stress.

This exclusive vendor wedding checklist will help you decide for the every step of your planning stage. It will also help you understand the overall picture of the wedding. As a bride, you must have a vision of everything. It is not an ordinary day so make sure that your preparation is extra special. With an organized checklist, you can feel confident that you have live up to the expectation of our bridal guests.

Moreover, it is very important to be able to have an unforgettable wedding dance because it is only once in your life. Check out this dance studio that teaches brides and groom how to dance their wedding dance: