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Tips on How to Set an Engagement Ring

Engagement ringsThere are so many settings for the ring that you can pick. However, too many settings can be really confusing if your knowledge about cheap engagement rings Houston TX is of beginner level. For more information regarding the setting of engagement rings in Houston, TX, here is a professional guide that you can follow:

Engagement ring with prong setting

This is the type of setting that is considered as classic. Prong setting is characterized with metal claw that secures the diamond tightly; it will secure the diamond on its right place. Prongs can be available in V-shaped, flat, pointed or even rounded.  

However, this setting has its own drawback as well. It can be snagged by certain clothing or other type of materials due to its high set style. To avoid from being snagged, you can always have a lower set prong which is more practical for women who have dynamic lifestyles. If you have this type of setting, you need to check the ring from time to time.

Engagement ring with Tiffany setting

This type of setting is also called as knife edge. This setting has been developed in 1886 and is characterized with six prong setting in order to maximize diamond’s light return. You can get this type of same setting at any shop but there is no assurance that it will be as exactly as Tiffany setting. This is a trademark design so it speaks a thousand words.

Engagement ring with bezel setting

According to professional jewelers, this is the second most bought setting next to the bezel setting. This type of setting does not hold the diamond; it surrounds or encircles it with metal rim that is custom made. This will make the center stone safely tucked.

When you get this setting, you have the option to get a fully surrounded center stone or just partial. Whatever you choice is, it is important that the setting is of your own liking. This is a great choice if you don’t want your diamond to be easily snagged.

If you need more setting types, you can also check others like tension setting; there is also this classic tension style of setting that you can see in the market. At the end of the day, you can either follow the traditional ones or you can have your newly styled setting based on the ability of the engagement ring designer.  What matters most is your engagement rings in Houston, TX are secured and certified.

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