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Seven Other Good Wedding Dessert Additions

Wedding Cake4Apart from the main course, what can make your wedding food a total slay are the desserts you have prepared for your guests. Well, it is given that there would be a wedding cake to be your main dessert, but you could make this part of your catering a little bit more than the ordinary by adding more sweet treats to your menu. Here are some to-die-for desserts aside from wedding cakes in Las Vegas, NV.

  1.         Cupcakes as your mini cakes. Your cupcakes could be the mini version of your wedding cake. If you don’t feel like having a tiered wedding cake or if you are on a budget, then you can have cupcake version of your wedding cake served to your guests instead. Same flavor and taste but easier to savour and more practical.
  2.         Healthy and delicious pies. If you are looking for something that is close to the heart of the Americans, then pies would be the best choice. In addition to that, you also have various selections of pies that you can choose from. There is the pecan pie and there are fruit filled pies that every age can definitely enjoy eating. Pies are also healthy desserts so you can never go wrong with them. It is also best to serve them with coffee or tea.
  3.         Refreshing fruits and any that is in the season. Fruits are sweets that don’t need extra effort. For a good treat that is easy and time-saving to serve, fruits are perfect choice. From berries to tropical fruits, these are also healthy selection that you can go for. You can go to sweet to citrusy juices that can give a refreshing taste and make it a good relief from the heat of summer.
  4.         Bitter and sweet chocolates in various forms. If you are a chocoholic yourself, then it would be rare to find someone who does not enjoy chocolates. From wedding cakes in Las Vegas, NV to other forms of desserts, you can infuse the bittersweet taste of chocolates that kids and seniors can also enjoy. Chocolates also have lots of health benefits. You can even simply have a chocolate fountain where pretzels, berries, and other type of foods that are yummy when dipped into chocolate.
  5.         Monster and playful cookies. Cookies are fun to eat. You can also make them really good sweet treats with nips of M&Ms and nuts for the kids on your wedding or make them healthier via oat cookies for the elders to chew on.
  6.         Topped doughnuts to dote for! Yes, doughnuts sound cholesterol but if it is a dessert that is hard to refuse. What’s good with doughnuts is that you can come up with many variations just like how Krispy Kreme does it. You can have them simply glazed with sugar or make them look glamorous with various toppings.
  7.          S’mores for some more treats. Who says s’mores are only for camping? Make this occasional sweet treat be known for wedding events too and have your guests create their own s’mores by assigning an exclusive station for it on your wedding reception.

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